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December is Rotary Family Month. 

The Rotary Family includes not just Rotarians, but their friends and families, our partners in Service and the thousands of participants in Rotary projects around the world

Help us celebrate our Rotary Family this month! 

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Kingston-North Kitsap.

Welcome to our Club!

Kingston-North Kitsap

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Kingston Village Green Community Center
26158 Dulay Rd
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United States
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District Governor Joanne Keyes Croghan visits the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club with Don Mannino, Assistant District Governor Elaine Burton, and Club President Stanley Mack on November 30th. Joanne shared her Rotary experience, which is a truly inspirational story of Service Above Self.  Thanks for visiting, Joanne!  
submitted by Ron Carter
Food4Kids Ten Years Old and Growing
75 kids in North Kitsap will not go hungry when school is out for the holidays Dec. 16,  thanks to the Food4Kids program in North Kitsap.
Last June, at Rotary’s annual Swing for Rotary golf tournament and auction, patrons raised their paddles for Food4Kids. Almost $10-thousand was raised, so that when school ends the food program doesn’t end for kids in need.  According to Rotarian Fredrick Branchflower, Food4Kids was launched about ten years ago by a coalition of Kingston Rotarians, Kingston Kiwanians, north end school leaders, and the Kingston Food Bank.  It is focused on serving students of north end schools, including Wolfle Elementary, Gordon Elementary, Kingston Middle and Kingston High School.  Today Food4Kids is a coalition of Sharenet Food Bank, Kingston Food Bank, S’Kallam Food Bank, North Kitsap School District, Kingston Kiwanis, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary, and several local churches.  It serves on average 75 kids, grades K-12, during winter break, spring break, and weekends during summer break.            
submitted by Jon Sole
Be there, or be square!  Here's another reason why...
After surviving heart failure, an implanted heart pump and two heart transplants, Pat Kelly had run out of options. His immune system was rejecting his second transplanted heart—just as it had the first—and Pat was not considered a candidate for a third transplant. The antibodies his body created were in his bloodstream, attacking and threatening to destroy his replacement heart.
To help protect his new heart and extend his life, Pat receives plasmapheresis treatments. Blood taken from Pat is processed through a centrifuge to remove the plasma, which contains the antibodies. New plasma from blood donors is mixed in with Pat's red blood cells, and the mixture is then returned to Pat's body.
The plasmapheresis treatments work well, and Pat has resumed coaching the youth baseball teams he loves. With Monica, his wife of 21 years, and their two sons, Pat embraces every single day. "We live for the moment, day to day, just enjoying the small pleasures in life," he says.
Next KNK sponsored blood drive will be on December 13th at the Village Green Community Center, 12:00 – 6:00. All KNK members, who are able, are encouraged to donate. Support one of the club’s ongoing projects while you are helping another person enjoy a fuller life.
submitted by Mark Baze
Saturday October 29, the KHS Interact Club set-up and operated an entertainment booth the Port Orchard Ghost Train. Ghost Train is an annual event put on by Kitsap Foster Care Association with the support of Kitsap Live Steamers club. The money raised from this event supports the Association's activities, such as Mariners tickets, holiday gifts, backpacks full of school supplies and monthly support group meetings.
The booths serve to entertain small children while going through the very long line for the main attraction, the train ride.  Interact provided a bean bag toss, photo booth, trinkets, and of course candy for hundreds of wide eyed munchkins.
WAY TO GO, KNK Interacters!  You guys ROCK!
From Poulsbo Rotarian Steve Garfein
KNK Rotarians will recall that our Rotary Challenge Team finally won our North Sound Rotary Challenge at this year's Golf Classic.
Under the category of "better late than never" here is a belated celebratory picture of our victorious team:
KNK Rotarian Mitch Brockett, our "Secret Weapon" - Poulsbo Rotary's Cindy Garfein, Captain Don Hutchins, and KNK Golf Legend Skip Peters.
Congratulations again, Kingston Rotary Golfers!
submitted by President Stan as received:
submitted by Clint Boxman
Our newest KNK Rotarian, Jeff Sweeney, who works with NK School District and lives on Bainbridge Island, was inducted by Membership Chair De' and President Stan this week.  Congratulations and welcome to Rotary, Jeff!  We're all looking forward to serving alongside you. 
Numerous Rotarians and Interacters as well as Kiwanians were among literally dozens of and Kingstonians who turned out Last Saturday to clear brush and improve trails at the Village Green, and do maintenance at the Quiet Place Park. 
Among the stalwart Rotarians who came out to help cut, chop, lift and haul were:
Bobbie Moore (who was of course the instigator and organizer)!
Don Hutchins
Walt Elliott
Mark Baze (Interact GURU)
De' MacKinnon
Chris Gilbreath
Jim Dixon
They were joined by several of our great Interacters from Kingston HS, who worked at the Quiet Place Park. they included:
Victor Hanson
Casey Pregartner
Brennan Jacobson
Evan Jacobson
THANK YOU to all the Civic Minded Citizens who helped make this a very productive event!
You may recall the item submitted earlier this year by Treasurer Gale Kirsopp, about Amazon Smile - where you can do your Amazon shopping AND make a contribution to our Rotary Foundation in the process!  In case you haven't signed up yet - PLEASE do.  Here is the link to set up your "Amazon Smile" account.  After that it's just a matter of going to "" to do your Amazon shopping and your contribution will be automatic.  There is NO extra cost to do this.  Amazon is sharing their profit with us! 
From Gale: 

Just a reminder for all Amazon shoppers – please use Amazon Smile.

For each purchase you make through Amazon.Smile – Amazon will donate .5% of eligible sales to Kingston NK Rotary.

It’s a fund raiser that does not require any of your time !



Last week you read the account of Bill Maule's return to Korea after 63 years (see below if you missed it).
This week we have this "sequel" from The Man himself:
You, my long suffering fellow Kingstonians,  have already heard too much about my return trip  to Korea.  Nevertheless,  I did not want to leave the impression that I have always  been in my present overweight decrepitude.  (I only hope to equal your state of "decrepitude" when I reach your age, Bill!)
In the background is the then only indication that the DMZ  starts here.
submitted by Ron Carter
Rotarian Bill Maule says “You Can Go Back”
  Kingston -  When Second Lieutenant Bill Maule arrived in Korea December 31, 1953, he had no idea he would have a “bucket list” during his lifetime.  There he served in the 31st Infantry Division as a Delta Company recoilless rifle platoon leader.  A fresh second lieutenant commanding veterans.  His outfit was stationed at Camp Casey, just north of Seoul on the main corridor from North Korea to Seoul.  The famous Pork Chop Hill was in site.  By the time Lieutenant Maule arrived the Korean cease fire had been in effect six months so he saw no fighting.  As a result, however, continuous training exercises kept the platoon battle ready.  Many veterans in the platoon complained they preferred the war to the training.  Training was tougher.  After nine months, Maule returned to the states.  But the taste for foreign shores developed in Korea led him to a career in foreign service. 
   Fast forward 63-years.  And the bucket list.  Bill Maule today is a proud Rotarian, a member of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  When he learned that Rotary International’s 2016 convention would be in Seoul, there was no hesitation.  It was his chance to cross off a bucket list item and return.  The convention was a highlight.  47,000 Rotarians were there, presenting 90 flags from countries around the world.  There was a special Rotary program for returning veterans. 
   Six days before the meetings Maule drove to Camp Casey.  It 1953 it was a wide open area.  Now it is surrounded by a city.  In 1953 the road toward the DMZ and the railroad tracks in that direction were in open spaces.  Today the highway is lined with businesses.  In 1953 he spent time on a hill overlooking a river north of Seoul.  He found that hill on the bucket list trip.  Now it is in a gorgeous forest.  The river is full of recreation.  He was amazed by the progress in Seoul.  “Then, there was piles of war rubble everywhere - the streets had been cleared - still there was rubble.  You had to watch for pickpockets.”  Today Seoul is very modern.  Subways and commuter trains exist, yet there are still terrific traffic problems.  Though it is hard to communicate, Maule’s takeaway from the trip was how friendly and helpful the people were.  He says, “you can go back.” And to do so as a pound Rotarian of twelve years.
   Lieutenant Maule’s Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club works to improve lives in the community and the world.  Meetings occur Wednesday’s at 11:45 a.m. at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  Guests are welcome. 
Submitted by Community Services Chair Brianne Magruder,
At their September meeting, the Community Service Committee was pleased to approve the Following Grants to community activities:
·         Kingston Middle School – Implementing Navigation 101 – in the amount of $500.00
·         Kingston Kiwanis – Back to School Supply Drive – In the amount of $1,000.00
·         Kingston Super Seniors – Monthly Luncheon – in the amount of $1,000.00
·         These grants are in addition to KNK Rotary funding of the Food For Kids program in the amount of $9597.00, raised at our annual Golf Classic in June
KNK Rotary is proud and happy to be able to contribute in this way to key Community Service programs!  Why not join us and help us in this worthy effort?
submitted by Sondra Peters
As discussed at the Oct 26th meeting - we have some changes.  Please review and revise your calendars!
Kingston Rotary Holiday Party:  "”A jolly good time”. By popular demand - will revert to a Holiday Dinner Party at the Village Green Community Center on Friday December 9th at 6 PM.  What to bring: Your own Wine/Beer, a WHITE ELEPHANT gift for our traditional exchange, and perhaps wear your favorite holiday sweater. (GRAND PRIZE) Who to bring:  Bring along your spouse, significant other, prospective member. Please RSVP on Clubrunner or to Sondra Peters, by November 30th.
Fellowship Hosted Dinners
Skip & Sondra Peters hosted 18 members for our first fellowship dinner in October. We all had a grand time getting to know more about one another.
Members who have agreed to host the next fellowship dinners in their homes are:
Winter Fellowships:
January 13:    Stan Mack
February 10:  Dan and Nancy Martin and Suzanne Jenny
Spring Fellowship:
April 14:        Don Hutchins
There will be an evite for each member to attend one of the fellowship dinners hosted in members' homes, so be sure and RSVP to the host when you receive your evite.  It is a great way to get to know one another.
Installation of new officers, Dinner and Awards:
Date to be announced in June.
Any questions please email
A NEW feature on our website is a link to our current Mission and Strategic Plan.  See it just below the "Rotary Month" item at top left.  We hope this helps our non-Rotarian friends understand us just a bit better...
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Convention: City of peace
Though Atlanta has seen its share of violence and inequity over time, today it brims with reminders that there is another way. Get inspired while you’re visiting for the 2017 Rotary International Convention from 10 to 14 June. Take a short walk from the convention center to the Center for Civil and Human Rights. There, you can see the handwritten notes, speeches, and sermons of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., experience an interactive 1960s-era lunch counter “sit-in,” and learn more about persecuted groups all over the world. A streetcar will take you to the Martin Luther King Jr...
The Rotary Foundation ranked in list of top charities
CNBC has ranked The Rotary Foundation No. 3 in its annual list of Top 10 Charities Changing the World in 2016. The list includes some of the largest and highest-rated charities that help women, children, the poor, and the environment throughout the world, according to Charity Navigator, and that maintain high standards of financial health, accountability, and transparency of reporting. The Foundation was noted for connecting 1.2 million members from more than 200 geographic areas to tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges, including projects that focus on disease prevention,...
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Parts of will be unavailable 3-5 December, beginning at 05:00 Chicago time (UTC-6), while we upgrade our membership database. During this time, areas that require sign-in (convention registration, club and district administration, grant application, giving, Rotary Club Central, etc.) and Club Finder will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Rotarians report email scam
Some Rotarians have reported receiving a scam email asking them to click a link to update names and contact information in a directory. The email, which stems from a gmail account, is not from Rotary.
Arch Klumph’s hometown raises over $2 million through centennial celebration
Rotary members in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, celebrated 100 years of The Rotary Foundation on 23 October with a banquet and a concert by The Cleveland Orchestra that have so far raised more than $2.1 million for the Foundation's next century of good work. Arch Klumph, a Cleveland Rotarian, planted the seed for The Rotary Foundation in 1917, with his idea of having an endowment fund dedicated to "doing good in the world." Today's District 6630 leaders thought that a concert was a fitting way to honor Klumph and mark the centennial because of Klumph's love of music. Klumph performed in several...